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. a woman was evaluated by paramedics on a stretcher. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran tells us that one of the dogs was killed by police when it charged at them. >>> reporter: sharp scratches on a car are left behind from two stray dogs and this large dent after one victim tried to climb on top of the car to get away from them and these bite marks show the aftermath of wednesday night's dog attack. >> they came at me, got my arms first and then my leg and i kicked it with my other leg right when it was about to scratch it. >> reporter: it started because a man was walking two dogs along this trail when he was attacked by two loose dogs and that's when a family nearby heard the commotion. fisher went outside to see what was happening. >> my dad on top of the blue car and i didn't see the dogs behind the car. >> reporter: that's when she was bitten on the arm and the leg. her father came out to help and took a bite to the face. >> my dad, he's on the blue car. she was walking backwards with a gardening tool and she [ indiscernible ] the red dog, okay, and the red dog yelps and she brings
in the eastbound bore this morning filling that tunnel with smoke. kpix 5's anne makovec tells us, a key upgrade in the tunnel is likely the reason everyone got out safely. >>> reporter: all bores of the caldecott tunnel were reopened before noon but it was a traffic mess out here. traffic backed up past the junction of 24 and 13 going eastbound and westbound all the way through orinda. a car caught fire in the eastbound bore of the caldecott tunnel just before 10 a.m. the tunnel started filling with smoke and people just got out of their cars and walked out of the tunnel. >> people were able to evacuate safely. the ventilation system turned on and everybody was out without any significant injury. >> reporter: the ventilation system did kick in but it was still a very scary situation for some drivers caught inside. here's how one described it. >> i just was two cars behind the fire. the car was burning. a chp officer told us to stay in the car, close the windows. and then explosions started. the car exploded. big bangs. so i got out and walked all the way out. it was smoky in there, it was terri
that said in part, they have added more hydrant and are using more scrap piles. tonight, they are still looking for the cause. brew the january webb, kpix 5. >> that fire considered under control at about 8:30 last night, but the health advisory was not lifted until about 6:00 this morning. >>> the bay area is helping mobilize victims of a typhoon. authorities say at least millions of million in 41 provinces have been effected. so far the philippine military confirm 942 dead. because of limited access to communications and transportation, final death toll is still just days away. officials say it could be closer to 10,000. the storm weakened as it made landfall in northern vietnam. it was downgraded into a tropical storm as it made its way into southern china today. >> the typhoon destroyed everything in its path, leaving families to find shelter wherever they can. survivors are greg desperate, even painting science for rescue helicopters. >> we want water and medicine for the injured. we don't need money. we just need your help. >> u.s. marines are arriving with badly needed supplies f
social media behave your can be used in court cases in an attempt to prove specific intent to act in disregard for human life. >> they put it on youtube. and guess what happens? people get into trouble. they're in circumstance there is a they can't get out of because it's already out there on the web. >> reporter: and social media has now become a very crucial part of investigations for law enforcement, district attorneys and criminal defense attorneys. in fact, so much so they actually published a survivor guide to educate mights on what they should and shouldn't post and how it can be used against them. cody hall, back in court on thursday for a bail hearing. julia goodrich kpix 5. >> cody hall has not entered a plea. >>> a hit and run suspect was killed when he drove into a tree in richmond this afternoon about noon. police say a handicap man driving a man hit a car on the off ramp frommic-80 where he kept -- from i-80 where he kept going. about a block away, he lost control, the van killing him after it overturned. >>> also new at 5:00. 49ers linebacker smith arraigned on gun
. >> reporter: police tell us the victim is suffering from second- and third-degree burns. they won't comment on a possible motive. allen, they don't think the two young men knew each other. >> and tell me more about this video. i'm sure it's pretty graphic but the video from the bus? >> reporter: right. there is video from the bus of the entire incident. i asked about it several times today. police haven't released it yet. they may edit it down but say the full version is too disturbing to show the public. >> i'm sure it is. brian, thanks so much. >>> it took just two hours this morning for the $800 million graton resort and casino to hit its maximum capacity. chopper 5 takes us live over the casino parking lot where cars have filled nearly every space in the lot. there have been major traffic delays and several road closures in the area throughout the day. the highly anticipated casino opened at 9 althoughk this morning just west of 101 in sonoma county. that's an hour earlier than planned. our mike sugerman is outside with a look into how crazy it's been all day. >> reporter: 3200 square f
of situation? >> hang on and enjoy the ride. [ laughter ] >> reporter: mta reassures us passengers were not in any danger. even with a driver, the computer runs the trains. >> that's something that i wanted to be clear on that the train was being supervised the whole time by the train control system. >> reporter: so we're told the driver is an experienced staffer, a senior operator in fact. he is going to be on leave while all this is getting investigated. as far as the incident today, traffic was held up for 12 minutes but we are told by now by this evening commute, everything is flowing just fine. mark kelly, kpix 5. >> mta says the train traveled about a quarter mile without that driver before coming to a safe stop. >>> three tesla employees were injured at the company's fremont plant this afternoon. and tonight, cal/osha is investigating what happened. tesla is not releasing the extent of the injuries but chopper 5 caught an ambulance leaving the fremont plant as well as several fire trucks. the workers were using an aluminum casting press and suffered second-degree burns from hot m
is a derogatory term. another name given to us by cowboys. >> reporter: the vallejo city unified school district administration is recommending the apache mascot be dropped from vallejo high. the school board may vote on it this week. no one from the district or school commented today but the students have lots to say. >> it's like a family thing. we should be an apache. it's like that's us! and i want to graduate to be an apache. it's like the thing to do. >> the word is going around that they want to change it. >> my grandparents were native american and i think they wouldn't be mad if we keep the apache name because it's a representation of my background. >> reporter: the latest movement to remove mascots with native american reference gained momentum with the washington redskins. many refuse to call them instead referring to the team in washington. in california, there are more than 180 schools with similar mascots. and change has come long before. in 1792, stanford changed -- in 1972 stanford changed its mascot from a indian to a tree but the ground spell and support stopped with the studen
opponents spoke about the keystone pipeline and his use of drone attacks. the president, however, had a few words for his critics as well. >> the easy way out is to try to yell and pretend like i can do something by violating our laws, and what i'm proposing is the harder path which is to use our democratic processes to achieve the same goal that you want to achieve. >> i spoke with, by the way, ju hong, the young man who heckled the president. he is a graduate student at san francisco state. he's also here undocumented from south korea. said he wasn't sorry for what he said and he was not impressed with the president's reply saying he sort of lectured us like we were kiddings. well with, san francisco has never been try letting its feelings known. ed to was no exception. >> phil, thank you. if you want to hear the full speech on immigration reform in san francisco, head to our website kpix 5. >>> the naacp is calling for harsher charges against four students who didn't get a response. >> in the shadows of san jose state's black power salute statue, naacp leaders called for stricter punishm
been a long line of appeals that continue to drag the situation out and have actually forced us to be here today. >> engage in dialogue and share information and especially on issues involved in the citations. anytime there would be a citation -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the national transportation safety board is handling the investigation into last month's deadly accident. it could be up to a year before there is a final report. >>> san francisco is making a new push to cut down on robberies on muni. specifically, they want to eliminate the number of thefts of smartphones. police have upped their patrols and are making a dent. they are now calling on riders to keep their eyes up and put their phones down as part of a new campaign. chief greg suhr says two out of every three robberies in the city involve a smartphone. >> don't make it available. you wouldn't walk down the street counting hundreds of dollars. that's what you're doing when you're not paying attention and engaged or engrossed in your cell phone. >> this new campaign w
during bad weather days. this new procedure is only being used at a handful of airports. mark kelly shows us how it works. mark? >> reporter: well, liz, for a good chunk of the day today, it's just been cloudy and wet just like this. usually that's bad news for airports but today, sfo used this weather as its first opportunity to test the new landing protocol in this wet weather, something they call casper. among bay area airports, sfo is notorious for delayed flights when the weather is wet and cloudy. the airport admits bad weather can cut the number of planes landing in half from 60 an hour to a measly 30. but a new procedure for landing planes hopes to improve that. it's nicknamed casper. >> it stands for closely spaced parallel runways. it's a new faa procedure that applies to sfo and a few other airports around the country. >> reporter: airports like boston and seattle. here's how cspr works. on bright sunny days planes can land at sfo side by side touching down on two different runways no problem. but when bad weather would strike, this kind of landing wasn't allowed. planes could
. in fact, students tell us that this flag was visible to people walking in from the hallway in the outside. they apparently did not report this to any higher authorities. they simply told the students to take that flag down and left it at that. >> there may have been more than one mistake made there. len ramirez in san jose, thank you. >>> the bart board today approved most but not all of that new contract with its unions. they are attempting to dodge a generous family leave section they don't want to pay for. our da lin is live in oakland with how the tactic is going over with the unions. da. >> reporter: well, liz, after six months of negotiations and two strikes, there is still no contract. what's worse, those two unions are even more worked up and fired up after the vote that was given by the board today. instead of voting on the contract, the unions had ratified -- >> i will support it. >> reporter: the bart board of directors voted to accept a contract that leaves out the paid family leave provisions. >> this is a fair and equitable contract for our employees in my opinion. it's aff
christmas shopping season or the worst one since 2008. the national federation of retailers gave us an optimistic projection of sales up 4% this year at before $00 billion. -- at about $600 million. compared to last year, we were up 3.5%. look at this. black friday online sales projected to be up almost 10% today alone. and 21% of that coming from smartphone sales. earlier today, kpix 5's mark kelly braved the crowds at a bay area best buy where the morning shopping started out fairly mellow. early friday morning not the typical black friday scene outside this best buy in dublin. gates to contain shoppers hungry for deals instead seem completely empty. inside a healthy crowd and unusually tame. no racing to the laptops or stampeding through the door this year. >> today is night, not the crowd i thought it would be. >> i'm surprised. i thought there would be more people, thought there would be no parking. >> reporter: what's the deal? at many stores the bargains having rolling out earlier in the last few years. even on thanksgiving. this best buy opened at 6 p.m. thanksgiving night a
illegal turns. >>> the popular high school strategy now being used to keep younger students safe. >> california's biggest new casino is hours away from opening its doors. but is it a windfall for the county? the extra cost with hitting this jackpot. >> headlines down to the mid- to upper 30s. the number of the day is 44. we have gone 44 straight days in fall without a drop of rain. when is that going to change? the answer next. >> and nyu student wedged between two buildings for two days. the tip that finally got him out alive. ,,,,,, its high schools.. but also middle and elementary schoo. crews in novato are installg milton >>> one bay area school district is beefing up security, not just high schools, but also middle, and elementary schools. crews in nevada are installing security cameras. kpix's john ramos spoke with school administrators who say it just makes sense. >> it's our responsibility to make sure we return the kids in the exact same way they dropped them off. >> reporter: his most important job is to keep watch over his flock. and the new security cameras the distri
for justice. other people have come in from the community who have seen us on the air trying to help out and to get help where it's needed. there is a lot of angst there now as people wait for this relief to come in. for this set don't reports from tacloban. >> reporter: the aid operation is a 24-hour-a-day effort now here in tacloban as operating lights are allowing planes to land at night. in communities we are seeing the aid trickle in. we are' seeing people line up for food. but in many plays, they say, well, food aid is certainly not gotten to my street yet. people are fending for themselves. you see people cutting water lines to get some sort of drinking water when you ask whether it's safe to drink, they ask us, well, what are the on the grounds? we have seen power crews out trying to -- what are the options? we have seen power crews out trying to clean the debris. aid is coming in but when will there be enough power, enough food, enough water, is the question. seth doan, cbs news, tacloban, philippines. >> not only are the donations critical to get the supplies to people. a group
down almost hitting us. >> reporter: this downed tree is attracting quite a bit of attention, a lot of folks taking pictures, coming out to see it, some of them walking on top of that tree and we're told by public works it's going to take them at least until next week to clear out all those trees and branches. on a man who was sitting on >>> two people were killed in the east bay as a result of the high winds. a branch broke off a tree in oakland, fell on a man sitting on his motorcycle. this was on austin street near fruitvale avenue at about 8:00 last night. then about an hour later police say a man swerved to avoid debris in the road on skyline boulevard in oakland. he was killed after his car crossed the center line and hit that tree. most are in the south bay-- >>> thousands of customers still without power this evening, most in the south bay and east bay, but nearly 2,800 are in the dark in the north bay. pg&e says crews are working as quickly and safely as possible to restore power. >>> we got the snow, but opening day was delayed for a number of tahoe ski resorts because of
. measure c requires owners to lock up their guns when they are not using them and report a loss or a theft within 48 hours. it also bans magazines holding 10 rounds or more and requires gun dealers to keep a log of ammunition sales. >>> the battle is lost at san francisco's war on the waterfront, but it's not over. the plan to build expensive high-rise condos at 8 washington lost in a landslide. the mayor lobbied hard for it but says he is more concerned about what else might not get built. >> i of course was a little disappointed because i was looking forward to 11 more million dollars to contribute to the affordable housing but i'll respect the decision that was made. >> now the big question is: could this change the warriors' plans for their own big development across the street? phil matier digs into that ahead at 6:00. >>> and for complete election results, you can go to our website, >>> a senior class sweatshirt that's maybe not as innocent as it seems. >> you wear that on the street you're going to get your [ censored ] kicked. >> a warning to the class of 2014. how wearin
, east coast hubs hardest hit including philadelphia's rainy airport. but thankfully for us in the bay area, the ripple effect not too bad. this is live look at sfo. they tell us 92% of flights are on time. they have only had one cancellation so far today. right now delays are running about 15 to 30 minutes. our mark sayre is at the amtrak station in emeryville with an overall look at today's getaway. mark. >> reporter: well, allen, no matter which way you slice it will will take longer to get from here to there on this thanksgiving eve. for people leaving town for the holiday weekend, 40% of those trips began today on planes, trains and automobiles. the thanksgiving getaway is under way. but for many, that trek begins with the need to first get out of downtown san francisco. the approach to the bay bridge at midafternoon looked more like a usual 5 p.m. rush hour as people left town early. but not everyone was opting for a car. at the downtown greyhound station, gregory still had another bus ride to go on his way from reno to sonoma county. >> i wanted to go to pasadena to family for t
are the statistics. >> we're asking drivers to use caution. >> three deadly accidents involving people crossing the seat in just two days. last night, a womans -- street in just two days. last night a woman was hit by a vehicle. the driver who hit her stayed and cooperated. >> appeared to be transient and was crossing the road in between an intersection. the driver did say she was wearing the dark clothing which made it difficult for her to see her crossing the street. >> sunday night, a is a-year- old girl was killed after she was hit by a vehicle. san jose police say in both cases the two victims were crossing street where they weren't supposed to. but that wasn't the case for little elisha. >> it was just wrong. >> the 3-year-old was in a stroller and in a crosswalk when he and two rs were hit near washington elementary school. the little boy died. the two others are recovering. >> sad. feel like the little kid is in the ground. it's hard. >> we don't know what's causing the rise in these auto pedestrian fatalities, but we are concerned and we will be looking into that. >> these three recent
richard thomas, seen in this video used a literato set him on fire, causing second and third degree burns to his legs. >> sasha is being taken care of. >>reporter: he's had one surgery and will need more. sasha's father tells me he's thanks full for all the support. dafor sasha's medical 00 within bills. >> i'm overwhelmed with just the love and compassion that people have shown. >>reporter: this morning classmates at his high school wore skirts to show solidarity and support. >> the whole school came together. >>reporter: turning a tragedy into something positive. >> grateful for all the love and care and support people have shown us. >>reporter: in our exclusive interview i asked the father for his reaction on the attacks and also asked him to respond to the fact that the district attorney is charging the suspect as an adult with hate crime enhancements. we'll get that response coming up. >> we understand the family has a funding website. are they still asking for donations for medical expenses? >>reporter: not at this time. they've already met their goal. right now they're a fath
to support miles in his make a wish. i'm excited. i'm going to cry. >> us that the luckiest kid in the world to be here growing up in a lamborghini having almost all of the city here? >> it's like living the comic book right now. it's every kid's reality, every nerd like me's reality, right, coming true. >> reporter: nearly 12,000 volunteers and fans showed signs of support on handwritten signs with t-shirts. special edition newspapers and banners in the sky hundreds snapped photos as the action hero swooped through union square and city hall and stole many hearts along the way. >> it's a dream of a life that kid will remember for the rest of his life. just really hope that he will live a good 100 years and be happy. >> it was one of the things i love about san francisco is that we throw a great party and we'll throw a party for any excuse and this is the best excuse. >> reporter: it just might be one of the best days of the little boy's life. >> i love how everybody in san francisco came together and surrounding cities for a great cause for a little kid. totally dope. >> very dope. >>> that
called it a teaser storm getting us ready for the rainy season but it really doesn't affect our water supply just yet. >> we have received just about .01" of rainfall so far. >> reporter: it's enough rain to remind us how much more we need. >> just don't think we are going to get enough rainfall out of this particular storm to make much of a difference. the vast majority of the water that's falling from the sky right now is going to soak right into the ground. >> reporter: unlike many bay area water districts that rely on the sierra snowpack for their water supply, the sonoma county water district's reservoirs are filled up by rainfall runoff. and this storm isn't doing much. soil moisture in the ukiah area is at a 100 year low and we need about 8" of rain to start triggering runoff. >> well, it will flow into our river, which is where we get our water from, as well as into the reservoirs, where we'll store that water and save it for next year. >> reporter: it's also the case with marin municipal water district. heading into today's storm, the reservoirs were 95% average capacity. the
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21